Fujiya Japanese Restaurant opened its doors on April 2, 1984 at its current location of 1125 Court C in Downtown Tacoma by Masahiro Endo. It is Tacoma’s first sushi restaurant, as Mr. Endo’s pioneering spirit has created the opportunity for many other Japanese restaurants throughout the Puget Sound and beyond. Fujiya is Tacoma’s original Sushi Restaurant located between 11th and 13th street on Broadway in Downtown Tacoma.

Mr. Endo’s skills as a sushi master have been passed on to many, and he continues to spread his knowledge to others. Fujiya offers a hand selected assortment of fresh fish as well as other traditional and modern Japanese dishes. Aside from our well known sushi and sashimi, we offer a variety of noodle dishes as well as teriyaki, steak, or short ribs.

Fujiya was rated as one of Tacoma’s BEST business lunch locations! We are committed to providing our customers and friends the best dining experience!

Our Chefs

Endo San's culinary background began in Tokyo, Japan. He used to test Honda race cars on Japanese test tracks while working in Japanese restaurants before opening a German restaurant in Tokyo. After learning the art of sushi, Endo San moved to Seattle, bringing his experience in Japanese cooking to various restaurants. In 1984, Endo San opened Fujiya, the first sushi restaurant in Tacoma. He has trained many chefs over the years, some of whom have opened restaurants in Seattle, Tacoma, and various parts of the world. Masahiro Endo is known as a pioneer of sushi in Tacoma and around the Pacific Northwest. He brings over 40 years of sushi and traditional Japanese culinary experience while integrating other cooking techniques from across the globe.
Juan came to the US from Veracruz-Llave, Mexico and worked in various Japanese restaurants in Seattle and Everett before being recruited by Masahiro Endo to Fujiya. He brings over 15 years of experience with sushi as well as grill and cooktop cooking. In 2003, Juan was made the head sushi chef at Fujiya and continues to hone his skills under the tutelage of Endo San. He has become a beloved figure in Tacoma and has emerged as one of the top sushi chefs in the city. Juan's family also has deep roots in Japanese cooking throughout the Pacific Northwest.